Blue Beauty



Pride Jester



Miss Kitty

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This exqusite gem is
handcrafted using
beautiful light blue and
cobalt blue feathers. The
entire mask is lined on
both sides with vibrant
red fabric.  Elegant gold
and pearl jewels swag
over the front. Cobalt
blue feathers adorn the
top. Measures 12" high
and 16" wide

Outlined with silver
beading, this  brillant
yellow mask stands 15"
high and 21" in diameter.  
The eyes are outlined in
black and the mask is fully
lined with black felt.    

This design uses shades of
beige with 10" natural
brown peacock feathers on
both sides. The eyes are
lined with blue and black
and the mask is lined with
black felt.  This mask
measures 16" high and 24"
wide. The overall height is

Rainbow colored
feathers cover this
glorious and
charming mask.
Mult-colored crystal
tipped anntenas
extend from either
side.  This striking
mask measures 12"
wide by 22" high.

Covered in bright red and
yellow feathers, this
alluring mask stands an
overall length of 32".  The
eyes are lined in red and it
is lined with polyurethane
mesh netting. This
stunning piece features 10"
brilliant red peacock
feathers. The mask
measures at 22" high by
14" wide.

This stunning  amber mask
measures 12" high by 14"
wide. Overall height is
22". The mask is filled
with golden amber down
feathers and is lined with
polyurethane mesh.

This ravishing mask is
filled with exquisite
majestic blue and silver
down feathers.  The eyes
are lined with silver.  The
mask is 22" high and 14"
wide.  It stands at 30"
overall. The inside is fully
lined with black
polyurethane mesh.

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